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The audits give a true perspective of the economic and technical situation of the property. It is a key step before the acquisition of the property.

Technical Audit

This is a comprehensive inspection of the vineyard and verification of compliance with the government and appellation regulations. Performed by an expert that delivers a comprehensive technical report: – The wine production detailed study of the plot (density, variety, …) verification of compliance with the specifications of the Appellation Wine. – The infrastructure: organization and functionality of vinification cellars, compliance with environmental rules (analysis of air pollution at the origin of “corked”) design, state of dilapidation. – The residential buildings if applicable. Our audits perfomed by a sworn independent laboratory or broker, certify the quality of the wine stock in the tanks and bottles, then an inventory and, if necessary an evaluation based on market prices.

Financial and legal Audits

As part of a wine transaction, accounting & financial audit could be requested by the seller to know the value of the company or by the acquirer to understand exactly the value of the acquired property. The legal audit’s goal is to check social elements (labor law), tax, the major brands and the validity of commercial contracts and identify conflicts or litigation.

Strategic Audit

In a context of economic crisis affecting many wineries, the establishment of a strategic audit is a powerful ressource for a vineyard and its development. The audit highlights the strengths and weaknesses of an operation, helping define the opportunities and obstacles of the market, to help general management make the right strategic decisions (price positioning, product launches, cost-cutting …).

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