FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Conseil en gestion de propriété viticole

Technical advice, wine-making

With our network of winegrowers, we offer solutions and technical advices from the vineyard to the cellar. These missions held directly by winemakers of France Wine members or by world-class technicians who are responsible  of several noted grands crus. Our support could be punctual for the setting up a new wine-making technique  or continuous under annual contracts.

Recruitment Consulting

Viticulture is primarily a matter of men and women who are passionate and skilled. With our experience and our knowledge of corporate reorganizations due to our property sales, we are able to identify the qualified staff that eager for a new professional project.

Marketing and communications consulting

FRANCE WINE regularly works with several agencies in marketing, digital marketing, communication and press relations for clients, wineries or neo-winegrowers. We help them to select the team that will be more competent to meet their expectations: brand creation, packaging, website or institutional internets merchants, brochures, exhibition stands for exhibition.

Management Consulting: property management

See our dedicate page about property management.


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