FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Gestion de propriété viticole

FRANCE WINE offers solutions for technical, administrative and commercial management. Sometimes to be free from the daily complications of managing a vineyard may become inevitable (retired winemaker, owner relocation, foreign owners). So the strategic motivation to outsource all or part of the operational management is an ideal solution to focus on strategic decisions or the development of the notoriety of the brand.

Technical management

FRANCE WINE mobilizes its wineries partners and its network to provide a turn-key solution for vineyard owners. A dedicated technical resource in FRANCE WINE supervises employees (permanent or temporary) and / or service providers at each stage of the life of the vine (pruning, soil work, harvesting …), the cellar (vinification, barreling, ageing) until bottling.

Administrative and business management

In addition to the technical management, our teams can take responsibility for the wine estate and its business management in particular for new owners who either foreigner or living outside of France. FRANCE WINE takes over the management of suppliers and customers, personnel management (payroll, recruitment, and social aspects related to the MSA), relations with the different administrations (customs, taxes, …). In the particular and complex case of property transactions, FRANCE WINE offers a complete service to buyers.


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