FRANCE WINE EXPORT - exporter votre vin

FRANCE WINE EXPORT is an outsourced international service.

Our mission is to bring international knowledge and experience, enabling our winegrowers to focus on their work: viticulture and production of wines of character. All our members share the same philosophy: the winemaking is an art that should be done with passion and carefully respecting their terroir and the region in order to create unique wines.

Thanks to our experience, we prioritise the North America, Asia, Western Europe and cover a very diverse customers: domestic importers, regional distributors, wholesalers, airlines and national monopolies.

FRANCE WINE EXPORT - Exporter votre vinWe continually look for new customers for our winegrowers and remain open to meeting with to new producers of quality to complete our wine offer.


Using our Form by e-mail : info@francewine.fr Or by Phone : +33.556.52.48.60 / Mobile +33.685.07.63.64