Historical partner of several French vineyards, France Wine is a firm dedicated to the wine industry council. Our expertise includes Wine Export, Wine Property Transactions and Management. With over 100 years’ experience gained by our winegrowers, we can offer a wide range of services to our current clients and future vineyard owners, including the property and the management services.

France Wine Export: Outsourcing services

Our aim is to support vineyards’ introduction to the international wine market that enables our winegrower to focus on his job, his passion. All our members share the same philosophy: the wine is an art that should be made with passion and carefully, respecting their terroir and the region in order to create unique wines.

France Wine Properties: Vineyard transactions

France Wine accompanies clients, buyers or sellers in their assignment or acquisition projects. We provide personalized services to investors and seek for the property that fits their project (economic, heritage, or just for pleasure). Our knowledge of the vineyard, especially Bordeaux and the Southwest region, gives to our customer-buyers direct access to the best opportunities in the sector.

France Wine Consulting: Audit and Management

We customize outsourcing services to solve our clients’ wine business issues (repositioning of the brand strategy, cost reduction, technical and financial audit) thanks to our outsourcing services. Our goal is to share our passion and expertise to uphold the tradition and heritage of our viticulture regions.