FRANCE WINE PROPERTIES - Acquérir un vignoble

FRANCE WINE accompanies investors , French or international, individuals or professionals at every stage of their project, ie before, during and after the acquisition:

  • Defining the acquisition strategy
  • Targeted search
  • Audits : technical, financial and legal
  • Negotiation and acquisition management
  • Post- acquisition management consulting

To do this, we help buyers establish and coordinate a team of local experts in their respective fields : land estimators, accountants, corporate lawyers, notaries. These actors are essential to the success of the acquisition.

Thus, and without limitation, property experts provide an objective assessment of the quality of the soil and the production tool during the technical audit. The chartered accountant analyse the financial situation essential in the case of buying the shares of a company; he may also estimate the value of the property. Before the sale act, the legal adviser assists the acquirer in obtaining the operating permits from the Prefect through CDOA (County Agricultural Orientation Commission) as there is a specific rule for non-European buyer. The legal adviser is also in charge of drawing up the different proceedings together with notary, and preparing an optimal acquisition plan together with chartered accountant, taking into consideration the tax situation and heritage.

FRANCE WINE assists the purchaser in each of these steps, and coordinates the entire project with all the contributors. Our missions are carried out in constant concern for the confidentiality of records, and in addition to the vineyard offers ​​online, we are in direct contact with more than a hundred properties, from the humblest vineyards to the most prestigious ones. Our customized services can answer every needs of a potential buyer.

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