FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Audit, Conseil & Gestion de propriété viticole

Audit and property management

France Wine assists in solving any specific issue in the wine business. From brand development, brand strategy, cost reduction, technical and financial audit to a full outsourcing management solution.

Our goal is to share our passion and expertise with all our producers, whether new or experienced winegrowers, French or foreign, in order to uphold the tradition and the heritage of French viticulture in our regions. We organize technical audits on properties with the help of experts for purchasing and transaction projects. We advise and conduct technical surveys from the vineyard to the cellar, and offer strategic advice to operational managers. We offer solutions for technical, administrative and commercial property management, based on the needs of our customers. A lot of owners wish to outsource all or part of the operational management of the property and to focus on strategic decisions and brand development.

FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Audit de propriété viticole
FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Conseil en gestion de propriété viticole
FRANCE WINE CONSULTING - Gestion externalisée de propriété viticole